S&C-164 Fun Baby Bibs
      Baby Bibs needed are White, Pink, Blue, Green with Blue.

S&C-158 Christmas Finger Tip Towels
   There are some places in the wreaths that have x where should have /. Follow pattern established in top part of wreath of x / x / x /.

S&C-149 Summer Log Cabin Quilt Square
     Wildflowers: Correct number for Celery is 242

S&C-148 Summer Fingertip Towels
    Correction for Materials:
        Wildflowers: #085 should be (Antique Brass) not (Antique Blue)

S&C-135 “Spring Log Cabin Quilt Square
     Correction of Stitch/Thread Chart:
         Dotted Lines around area should be Impressions: 5126

S&C-111 “My Friend” Heart
     Add Rosebud between “y and “F”:

Corectr 111 My Friend


S&C-113 Sheep Lover’s Heart
     Patch #7: Backstitchwith 2 ply floss # 318

S&C-105 An Easter Egg Heart
     Watercolours: Correct # for  Baby’s Breath is 097.

S&C-103 A Toy Soldier Stocking
     Patch 18: Begin patch with Half Cross using  Pine Forest then Vertical Oblong Cross
 with Backstich using Cinnabar.  This puts the Pine Forest next to the Cinnabar in Patch 17.

S&C-101 A Teacher’s Heart:
     Patch # 9: The number 1 should be stitched with Emerald.

S&C-100 Tropical Heart
        Correct Symbols for  Flamingo and Palm Tree:
trop hrt corr

S&C - 93 Watercolour Teacups
     Watercolours: correct # for Blush is 115

S&C - 91 A Santa Stocking:
    Patches 14 & 23 should be stitched with Rice Stitch using Pine Forest.

S&C - 87 A Dog Lover’s Heart
     Thanks to all who have found my latest “typo” - page with graph should be
 titled Dog Lover’s Heart not Cat Lover’s Heart

S&C - 78 Birdhouse Row
     Stitch Count should be 103 x 42.

S&C - 64 Watercolour Ice Cream Cones
     Please add to the Materials list:
           DMC Perle 5: #504

S&C - 63 Watercolour Tropical Fish -
               Materials should list Zweigart 10ct Navy Tula not White Tula.

S&C - 58 Watercolour Ornaments II (Mittens)
                       Mitten 2

                    Mitten 4:

S&C - 55 Watercolour Ghosts
     Ghost #3 Should be Alternating Cross and Half Cross for the whole ghost
(Note: row 3 from the bottom doesn’t have the right sequence).