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Hello and Welcome!

Sekas & Co. creates counted thread designs that use a variety of threads and stitches giving each piece a unique textured look. The majority of these designs are to be stitched on 10 ct fabrics making them quick and fun to stitch. Stitch diagrams are include with each chart.

As you journey through this web site, you will also find a design for an afghan, mini-samplers on 32 ct linen, and Christmas ornaments on perforated paper. You will also find different ways to stitch some of the Sekas & Co designs. Have fun getting to know Sekas & Co.

About Sekas & Co. Just a little information. 

What’s New: The newest designs are featured on this page.  New designs will be available in January-February and hopefully Sept-Oct of each year.

Catalog.   Sekas & Co. Catalog first provides a complete List of Designs and then there is a listing by type of designs: Watercolour Designs, Hearts, Stockings, Designs in a Row. SquaresQuilt Blocks, Needlerolls and Mini-SamplersStained Glass Ornaments, Other DesignsFingertip Towel Designs, Designs on Tula And 28 ct Linen, and Gift Card Holder Kits.

Needlepoint:  Hand painted Canvases are available with stitch guides and are painted on 13, 16, or 18 mesh canvas.  Photos show canvas as stitched using the Stitch Guide.  Hearts are wonderful finished into ornaments.
Fobs can be used as scissor fobs, ornaments, fan pulls, package decorations, etc.

Corrections:  Lists of  corrections for published Sekas & Co. leaflets.  Please e-mail corrections that you have found that are not listed.

Information: Sekas & Co. supports the independent needlework shops and does not sell directly to consumers.  Please order from your favorite needlework shop. As you check out Sekas & Co. web site, please keep in mind that this site is for your information and enjoyment.  Your input is encouraged.  New pages will be added and updates will be made.

Please come back often.

Update 04/05/2016
     New Cross Stitch Kits: Gift Card Holder Kits on Perforated Paper and New Painted Canvas Stocking Ornaments. See “What’s New”.

Update 03/11/2013
       New Sekas & Co Counted Thread Leaflets and Needlepoint: “What’s New”.    To convert designs that are shown as stitched on 10 ct fabrics, such as Betsy Ross Linen, Heatherfield or Tula to “Stitch over 2” on 18 ct - 22 ct (or higher) fabrics; go to Converted Stitch Diagrams.


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